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About us

our Values
Mission Statement

Connect Northwest Minnesota to Jesus

Vision Statement

Create a network of community minded Churches that Connect families to Jesus

The Church

 We believe the local church is the hope of the world! Through it, God reaches out and transforms lives. We will partner with local & international works of the church.

Our Community


 We will reach out to those who need hope & connect them to Jesus (Evangelism)

 We will make our communities a better place & connect them to Jesus

THe Family

The family is the center of the community. We place high priority on reaching, developing & empowering every family



We will develop a person's understanding of God & release them to do God's work


We will be a culture expects God to do great things in our midst


We will be a welcoming church family that cultivates lasting friendships.


We will do everything to the best of our ability.


We will foster an environment of radical generosity to our community & around the world.  We believe that you cannot out give God

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